1. grazie catia

  2. medusa in milan

    grazie filippo

  3. 1st tattoo in Milan

    freestyle linework, no stencil

    grazie Libero!

  4. new canvases for private collection

    mermaid 1,5x2 m mixed media

    whale 1x1 mixed media


  5. pulp a crud bares

    thanks nadal

  6. yesterday 1st colored tattoo

    thanks giulz

  7. ex caserma rossani liberata

    bari 2014

  8. last tattoo in bari!

  9. perros y pigs

    awer alef nocci asma

    putignano 2014

  10. ve’t miin a meeer ve!
    buttati a mare!
    let s jump into the sea!

    spray e paint on advertising pvc 3x6m

    for “into thin words ” exhibition
    palazzo ventura, polignano a mare

  11. cani e porci in caserma

    awer alef nocci

    bari 2014

  12. stay pirat

    ex caserma liberata rossani


    giugno 2014

  13. polignano a mare 2014

    spray e markers on 50x60 canvasss

  14. diossina generation

    taranto 2014

  15. young octopus for veronica

    and a squirt for young noemi!

    thanks for your skin!!!!